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Racquet Restringing

RM Tennis offers a racquet restringing service complete with high quality made string. We have string to suit every player’s game from juniors to the elite.


It is important to know what type of string and tension is required to match your style of play and we can offer a restringing service that supplies the different needs for players: feel, power, spin, control, durability and injury prevention.


If there is a particular type of string you are after, we are likely to have one similar. 


Our racquet restrings are carried out on an electronic machine to deliver consistency and accuracy on each restring and are mostly done within 24hours. 

Tennis Equipment and Accessories

RM Tennis has the following accessories available for purchase:


  • Over grips.


  • Junior modified racquets in different sizes; 21’, 23’, 25’.


  • Vibration Dampeners

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