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Mission & Vision

Our vision is to provide quality and engaging tennis opportunities to members, players and the broader community by offering a very high and professional coaching standard in an environment that is friendly, fun, motivating and challenging. At RM Tennis, we believe it is important to identify and cater to every student individually and understand that a holistic approach is of great benefit in getting the most out of the student.

Tennis is a sport for life! It motivates you to move, be healthy, keep fit, compete, be social and make new friendships. Tennis is our passion and we want you to feel it too!

We have the program pathway, passion, enthusiasm and knowledge to help make any tennis goal achievable. Our professional coaching staff are highly trained individuals with a wealth of knowledge who share the same drive and determination to help each individual achieve their personal goals.


Our methods of teaching involve the use of specific teaching aids, video analysis, reference points, repetition and the ability to break down the technical components of a stroke into segments. Our lessons deliver constant attention to the major components of tennis being technical, tactical, physical and psychological. 


Our coaching staff take pride in having a professional approach at all times, being a role model to students, instilling a healthy competitive attitude and help develop good morals in each student.

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