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Junior Program Pathway


The Junior Program Pathway has been developed to ensure students can go from a complete beginner to having the skills and confidence to participate in competition tennis.


Starting with the ANZ Tennis Hots Shots program which uses compression balls (see ANZ Tennis Hots Shots), children can learn the game at an early age and progress through the stages confidently to get them ready for weekend competition and tournaments.


Once competing, the Competition Ready Stage will have students going into specifically grouped squads, which will enhance their all round game by working on all aspects of competition (see Junior Squads).


The Junior Program Pathway has an age appropriate guideline associated with each group to assist parents in where their child may fit into the program.

Under the guidance of the RM Tennis coaching staff and the Director, players may play above or below this guideline depending on their ability not necessarily their age.


RM Tennis will constantly evaluate students and will communicate with the parent on where the student may best fit in the program to ensure they progress the quickest and get the most enjoyment out of their tennis.


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