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Private Lessons

Private lessons are where players make the quickest and most effective advances in their tennis game. Lessons can range in duration and can cover all elements involved in improving your game. From technique to tactics, serve to ground strokes, private lessons can be tailored to suit your game and can be used effectively well to work on specific areas of improvement



* Quickest method of improvement

* Individual and tailored training to help your game

* Video analysis to help pin point specific areas of improvement

* Use private lessons to work on problem areas in matches


Semi-Private Lessons

Semi-private lessons allow students to share time and reduce costs whilst still getting the attention required to improve your game. Sharing a lesson with a player of similar ability can add a realistic element to drills for singles and doubles improvement.



* Reduce cost

* Improve singles/doubles play with a player of similar ability

* Improve technique and tactics


Group Private Lessons

Form your own group or get your competition team together to work on doubles tactics and movement. Players can play out point scenarios and have the coach pin point areas of improvements, strengths and different types of plays that will help you get on the same page come match day.



  • Cost effective

  • Group lessons with people/friends you know and not random people.

  • Improve as a team and learn how to play together as a unit.

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