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RM Tennis is committed to providing every student, player and parent an exceptional tennis and customer service experience.


It is in the best interest of all students, players and parents to familiarise themselves with the policies below that relate to their individual programs and services.



New enrolments:

All new enrolments are required to sign and submit the RM Tennis enrolment form prior to commencement of their first lesson.


Term re-enrolment:

All existing students will automatically be re-enrolled for the following term in the same class, time and day/s unless advised otherwise. Please let us know as soon as possible if you wish to change or discontinue your current class time/day.


Payment must be received by the due date to secure your place in the program. If you have any difficulty with payment then please contact us to discuss.


Changing Programs:

Should an RM Tennis coach feel a participant would benefit from moving up to a different level/class, then the parent will be contacted to discuss the options. A change in level/class will be determined on ability rather than age.




RM Tennis accepts payment by cash or bank transfer.


Cash: Term payments paid by cash are to be in a sealed envelope with the student’s details, the date and amount enclosed and handed to Regan Morehu.


Bank Transfer: Bank transfers can be made to the following account with the student’s name or your invoice number as a reference: 

                              Regan Morehu   BSB: 033358 ACC: 380061


Accounts are distributed via email 1-2 weeks before the end of the current term so please make sure your email details are up to date with RM Tennis. Fees will be expected by the due date. Failure to pay on time may result in the student losing their spot in the program so please communicate any problems you may have in regards to paying on time.


Term fees for private lessons will also be expected to be paid in full by the due date but due to the higher cost, payment can be arranged in split term intervals.




Fees are calculated alongside the Victorian Public School term time frame which generally ranges from 8-11 weeks. As such, term fees will vary from term to term.

Group sessions will not run on public holidays though at times private lessons may be possible if organised with RM Tennis.




Coaching will always take place unless notified by RM Tennis that a ‘washout’ or ‘heat out’ has been decided. Always assume tennis lessons are on. Please do not call us.


Wash out:

Due to the outstanding drainage and synthetic grass court surface at HPTC, tennis will go ahead unless RM Tennis deems the court surface unsafe and too dangerous. This is determined by a couple of factors including use of the BOM radar, the court condition and above all common sense.


Washouts are not necessarily based on whether it is raining as small rain clouds often pass by quickly. Our duty of care is always at the forefront of any decision.


Due to the nature and the type of lesson; ANZ Hot Shots classes may be run in the club house under cover using an indoor program and mini nets. Our indoor wet weather plan will consist of coordination and footwork drills, skill development and much more. Always assume tennis is still on unless you hear from us.


Cardio Tennis and other coaching programs such as squads will be offered as make up lessons, while private lessons may be rescheduled or made up at a later date or school holiday period in the current term and if this is not feasible then a credit to next terms coaching fees will be offered.


Heat out:

If the temperature hits 37 degrees or over at the Hurlingham Park Tennis Club, all lessons will be suspended or cancelled until the temperature drops. Please be aware that the temperature will be taken at the venue with your safety our primary concern.




All lessons require 24 hours notice to qualify for a make-up lesson which will need to be requested by the adult participant/parent. Failure to give notice in this time frame will result in the lesson being forfeited and no make-up lesson will be offered.


Late notice for private lessons will also require full payment even if a once off lesson has been organised as we need to have coaches and courts made available for bookings.


If you are unable to attend your scheduled lesson, you need to contact RM Tennis by phone, text message or email by the required time frame above and we will endeavour to offer a suitable makeup lesson throughout the term.

Make up time options are subject to class type and availability and every effort will be made to offer a time and day that is suitable for you. Make up lessons cannot be carried over into the following term so if a time or day does not meet your requirements then unfortunately the missed lesson will be forfeited.


A maximum of 2 make up lessons are permitted per term.


If a serious injury or illness results in multiple missed lessons then credit will be given to the following terms fees provided a valid medical certificate is supplied.




Lesson payments are non-refundable.

Credit towards the following term will only be considered if RM Tennis cannot fulfil its scheduled program (see wet weather and heat & coach absence) and make up options have been explored and deemed inadequate.


No credit will be given towards the following term if a session is missed by a student in any program (see cancellations and make up lessons) and credit cannot be passed onto another student.




RM Tennis coaches are not responsible for supervising children outside of their lesson time.




In the event an RM Tennis coach is absent, they will be replaced with another coach for that lesson. If this is not possible then we will endeavour to give as much notice as possible to advise that the lesson has been cancelled and a make-up lesson will be attempted to be organised.




It will be expected that all students show respect to their coaches and peers and display a positive attitude at all times, to not be disruptive and not endanger others with inappropriate behaviour that could result in somebody getting hurt.


Failure to behave in such a manner will result in time off the court for a first offence and if the behaviour continues then their remaining time in the lesson will be terminated and communication with the parent/guardian will take place.


If the behaviour continues on a regular basis and upsets the dynamics of the group then there will be the option of the student being removed from the class for the remaining lessons in the term with no refund of fees.


Communication with both the student and parent will be placed as a top priority in hope to resolve the issue before reaching this point.




Your privacy is very important to us and the details we collect from you will only be used for billing and communication purposes only unless you give permission to RM Tennis on the enrolment form to register your details on the ANZ Hots Shots website.





If your child is an ANZ Hot Shots participant and wishes to receive a free t-shirt and offered other benefits then you should go to to register your details. Distribution of shirts are made at different times so check with Regan for when the next distribution date is. 





RM Tennis may use video analysis throughout any program and may also wish to photograph or video participants in programs for the use of education, advertising and promotional material i.e. website, promotional flyers, social media, coach education. Please notify us at if you do not wish to have yourself or your child’s image used as such, otherwise it will be assumed that you have no objections.




As a registered participant in any program, coaches will act for you or your child according to their best judgement towards any emergency or medical attention deemed necessary using their first aid training skills.


Please advise us if you or your child has any specific medical condition that we should be aware of. 


RM Tennis will not be held accountable for any injury, illness and costs incurred while undertaking a program or event and you agree to release RM tennis from any and all liability as such.




RM Tennis encourages all parents during tennis lessons to not enter the court while your child is having their lesson. This enables both the coach and student/s to concentrate entirely on their lesson, create independence for the child, promote a child’s decision-making skills and build the coach - student relationship. 

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