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Regan Morehu - Director / Head Coach

Regan Morehu is the director and head coach of RM Tennis. He brings years of tennis knowledge and expertise with worldwide experience in both his playing and coaching ability.

Regan has coached in Australia and the United Kingdom and worked with ATP and WTA professionally ranked players on both the singles and doubles circuit.

His playing ability has seen him compete on both the ITF Junior and Senior circuit and has allowed him to travel to more than 15 countries competing at the highest level.

Regan is also a qualified personal trainer and implements this knowledge to help develop the physical side of the player on and off the court.

He has a great understanding of technical biomechanics and his holistic approach and implicit coaching style ensures he gets the best out of the individual player.

Christian Pyly

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Peter Czubryj

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Hugh Blacket

Michael Lancefield

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